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Scottish Country Dancing


08/10/2015 7:30 pm


Curran Hall, Tanglin Trust School, Portsdown Road


This is the first Ball dance practice evening.

We cater for all levels so you do not need to be an ‘expert’! If you don’t have a good time, we will want to know why!

This is your chance to brush up / learn the Ball dances, get fit in time for the Ball or just have fun.

Adult Dancing
at the Tanglin Trust School, Portsdown Road – access via Gate C *
Thursdays 7.30 – 9.30 pm
$10 per class (cash on the night) – but included in the price of your Ball ticket if you have booked already.

For further details, email Hazel Halliday:

The Curran Hall is situated on the first floor in the Infant Dept.

*As there are substantial building works going on, use Gate C (nearest to One North MRT), then the steps from the car park and turn left to the hall.  There will be the usual warm welcome when you arrive at the hall!

This is thirsty work so we usually adjourn to the Col Bar, which is conveniently close!

 ****Ball dances as follows****

The Gay Gordons – one chilli difficulty (see the key below)

Knit the Pocky – one

Postie’s Jig – three chillis

Dashing White Sergeant – one

Strip the Willow – one

Shiftin Bobbins – three

Margaret’s Dance (Chieftain’s Choice) – one

Duke of Perth – four!

OXO – one

Reel of the 51st Division – three

Land O’ Cakes – two

Canadian Barn Dance – one

Hamilton House – three

Mairi’s Wedding – three

Virginia Reel – one

Waltz Country dance – one

Johnny Walker – four!

The Eightsome Reel – two

One chilli = fun dances that can easily be danced by everyone regardless of experience

Two chillis = helpful to have people in the set who have an idea of the dance

Three chillis = can be danced with one or two people in the set not knowing the dance but ideally dancing with a partner who knows it

Four chillis = more than one person in the set not knowing the dance will probably cause havoc . . . and you will need to improvise

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