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In 2009, the Singapore St Andrew’s Society commissioned its own tartan to mark its 175th anniversary. Now you can own a piece of this historical tartan by ordering a kilt, trousers, or any other tartan garment.

To give you a little history on the colours chosen for the Society tartan, we have to go back to 1835 when the first St Andrew’s Day Dinner was held in Singapore and presided over by William Napier and Dr Montgomery.

The following year, William Napier was elected Chairman and this historic design is based on the 1880 version of the Napier tartan.

The central motif of five white lines on red symbolises the Singaporean flag with its five white stars. Flanking that centre piece is green and light blue for the jungle and seas that surround the island. The Society’s identity is forged by the white line on blue to symbolise the St Andrew’s Cross – the flag of Scotland.

ssas tartan square (low res)

Traditional tartan
We have a weaver in Scotland who can make up a kilt in around three months. To do this, the Society needs to give permission, so please email chieftain@standrews.org.sg with details of what you need. Go to the Slanj website for contact details and information: http://slanjkilts.com

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