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The Singapore St Andrew’s Society welcomes all who are interested in things Scottish. Formed around 1836, the Society now has hundreds of members in Singapore. The Society’s year begins and ends with the AGM at the end of April as per the rules of the society.

Society Rules.

The Singapore St Andrew’s Society provides two types of membership:

  • ORDINARY/FULL MEMBER – A Scot or someone of Scottish ancestry
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER – Someone interested in Scottish things. Nationality is not a constraint.

Membership fees consist of an annual subscription of $50 per person or $90 per family.

New Member Form

Renewal of membership is $40 per person or $75 per family. Membership must be renewed by 30th June or thereafter the subscription will be $50 per person or $90 per family.

Renewal Form

For renewals due April 2018, please refer to the AGM notification email.

If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Secretary at

To join, download and fill in the application form below and send to

Membership Secretary,
Singapore St Andrew’s Society,
PO Box 49, Ghim Moh Post Office,
Singapore 912732

Please mark your envelope SSAS SUBS and make sure that you enclose a clear note of your name(s) and any change of email, postal address or phone number.

Payments can be made in two ways:

Please mark your envelope or cheque with MEMBERSHIP and post to the address above

Please remember to advise the Membership Secretary that you are paying by this method and state your name when making the payment

Standard Chartered, 6 Battery Road / account number 0108461971 / bank number 7144 / branch number 001

Upon the acceptance by the Singapore St Andrew’s Society (the “Society”) of my/our application for Membership of the Society, I/we agree that neither the Society nor any individual organising or conducting any event or activity on behalf of the Society, will be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of personal property(ies) or any bodily injury suffered or sustained by my/our participation or our guests’ participation in any event or activity organised or conducted by the Society or any individual on behalf of the Society.

I/we further agree that I/we shall be solely responsible for my/our own personal property(ies) and personal safety during my/our participation of such event or activity. I/we further undertake to notify my/our guests of this Standard Disclaimer.


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