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whisky evening


11/10/2014 7:30 pm



When: 11 October, from 7.30pm
Venue: 50G Faber Heights, 01-50 Faber Crest, 129201
Cost: Free, but donations of $20 for SSAS (to support a named charity) welcomed (cash or cheques payable to “Singapore St Andrew’s Society”)
Format: Blind tasting of six whiskies with seven names. There will be a special prize for those who guess the best and can walk out of the venue unaided . . .
Food: There will be snackie food to help cleanse the palate and absorb naughty ethanol molecules
What do I wear? Whatever you like
What do I bring? A great attitude and sense of humour
What if I don’t like whisky? There will be wine, soft drinks and other stuff available
Is there a limit on numbers? Limit 30 on a first come-first served basis
Other questions? Call Derek on 9150 5842


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