Murder Mystery: A SPY FOR A SPY dot



Murder Mystery: A SPY FOR A SPY


18/04/2009 7:30 pm


Tanglin Club- Singapore





It is 1929 and international tensions in Europe are running high.  Famous scientist Hubert von Finkenstein is playing a dangerous game, having offered the results of his top-secret research to the highest bidder.   Now resident in the British Embassy in Geneva, he is the target of spies who will stop at nothing to secure his research for their paymasters among the rival powers.  Tonight is a reception for the new ambassador, Sir Hugh Carlton and some of the guests seem very nervous.  You will be the detective as feelings run high and the body-count begins – for murder is on the cards as well as laughter and song

Date:  Saturday 18th April
Time: 7.30pm
Venue:  The Churchill Room in the Tanglin Club
Cost:  $70 (members of Tanglin Club); $75 (non-members of Tanglin Club)

If you would like to join a group from the St. Andrew’s Society, please let Marion know or hp: 9651 9242.  Members of the Tanglin Club should quote their membership number and the cost will be charged to your account.  Non-members of the Tanglin Club should pay Marion in cash or by cheque payable to “Marion White” on the night.  The cost is inclusive of dinner and show and drinks coupons will be on sale at Reception on the evening.

Let Marion know if you would like to sit with friends.  Otherwise, she will organize a table for you.  Please note that no cancellations can be accepted after April 13th

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